A bit of a domestic!

Currently, its not going well.  I am on a bit of a downer with work and feeling trapped and overwhelmed.  I have taken to riding over the Downs, more mornings than I should and ignoring the world around me. I haven’t gone so far as doing a Lady Godiva but I do make poor old Dobbin sweat and snort as we race up hill and down again. As my hair flies out from under my hat, it doesn’t give the impression of wild abandonment but more of being unkempt and dragging through bushes.   Its almost, but not quite, a case of ” fiddling while Rome burns!”

Maybe I am just expecting too much but I did think that having a ” get-away ” with the current Squeeze du Jour might well have been higher up the list than getting lots of Company End of Year tax returns finalised.   Sadly, it would appear that the Honeymoon period is very much over. He suggested an all inclusive in Cancun which did cause me to hold my breath.  I have never been so insulted in all of my life. All inclusive, wherever they may be, save for Barbados of course, is the equivalent of Dormitory Meals  at School

So I have been scouring the Internet ( again) for Holidays for Singles.  Not, I hasten to add like an 18 to 30 holiday but more for sad old spinsters who have no one to go with them.  Currently, I am deciding on either “Burma for Third Agers” or ” Creative Writing and Yoga for Older Ladies!”.  I will let you know what I decide on

Meanwhile, I get a text from Dennis Much-Humper whose Supporting Tour of the Kinks is now over and suggests Lunch.  As he has been a finalist on Radio 4 Quiz Days and also contributed to and received terse responses from Private Eye,  I feel I shouldn’t decline.  After all, its always a case of who you know, not what you know, but with Dennis it would appear he does both.  So I thought I would take Irma along because she is looking for an affaire de Coeur and Dennis is always entertaining.  If I can find Irma someone to occupy her, then life will be easier all around.

So I’ll see what happens both with Irma and Mr Much-Humper and myself and the Solo Holidays.  All in all, life isn’t so rosy anymore…..Tally Ho!

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