An easy recipe for Fluffy Ducks but only serve at Christmas, please!

This is a family favourite for all of us Girlies at Christmas and we ensure that it is drunk in copious amounts on Christmas Eve and before Luncheon on Christmas Day…..  Best served in long tall/Highball Glasses

Gin (a generous glug, )  Should be Organic 

I love Blackdown Gin

Advocaat (1 cl)  It surely has to be Warninks – so accept no substitute

A dash or two  of  Kuhlua

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A nice easy drinking gin and Advocaat based cocktail; light and creamy.

A healthy slosh of orange juice  

( freshly squeezed if you know what’s good for you ) plus some rind to float on the top

Finally….. Lemonade – any old stuff will do….as believe me, no one will notice the difference.

And if they do, its RUDE!

Mix up together in a suitably sparkly jug and serve

Happy Christmas!! 

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