Full flight from Dar es Salaam

It didn’t take long for his response. Reopening nerve after nerve. Sour memory after sour memory

My Dearest Nonna

What do you mean “that American”; she has a name and I will thank you to use it. In case you are suffering from senile dementia, it is Esther.

You also know full well, that after what happened in Dar es Salaam, I simply had no option other than to marry the poor girl. If Roger and I had failed to get her out pretty damn quick there is absolutely no telling what that bounder, your lover, Sheikh Abdul Bin Qasim would have done!! Another day in that filthy rat-infested hole and even Kim would not have recognised her.

Mock all you want, but they were indeed happy days until you…. well you know better than any of us what you did.

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