I’m tracking you down, as you still owe me money

responsibilities are so important to maintain if you want to keep a friendship going.

Hadji, me again!

I have been thinking and re-thinking about your last letter to me before I took off for Namibia. It was a shock for sure. In any event now that we are communicating again, at least in the short term, can I draw your attention to an outstanding debt?

It was for Kim. Kim! Yes, you remember him surely. The Saluki you picked up in Cairo and dragged across the desert with you to Persepolis.

Kim. I love that dog, but a Pet is for life – and you should share the Vet’s Bills

He cost me a fortune transporting him back home on the boat, paying for someone to walk him three times a day on deck. Let along the quarantine fees that were attached to him when we docked. You were in so much of a hurry you left him behind in your race to chase the Yank ” back home!”

I am not going to hold that against you. Well, not in the short term. But I really would like to see some recompense squirted into my Bank Account sharpish! Please! My whole life, such as it was, has been spent either chasing you down for money or shipping more of your exotic animals to your next residence. Thankfully, the New York apartment had a Pets Clause in it. A dog or cat was fine, maybe even a ferret, but I was pleased to read that nothing exotic like Birds of Prey were allowed.

Talking of your affection for Birds of Prey ( no, not the American, but the feathered variety) of course we had Salim, the ruddy falcon that you would insist on trying to train, especially during breakfast. I know I wanted to dress up in feathers to excite you, but having them sprayed over me and sticking to the butter was not exactly what I had in mind.

Salim’s feathers always got stuck in the butter. Not a great look!

In the meantime I joined a Pen Pal Club. Quite fun really as they have people right across the Globe. Yes I know we spent our lifetime travelling it in one way or another but its still fun to write to someone, other than asking them for money and to get a rather nice response back.

Try it! You may like it also Sign up now

Shall I send you my Bank details to reimburse? Failing that you can try an International Money wire – or whatever the term is nowadays. I rather like these people. Pay here

Paying promptly stops the other person getting annoyed, don’t you agree?

Just pay what you owe and we can all get along nicely

Yours affectionately, Nonna


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