Knit One; Drop One – a lesson in making rash judgments

Knitting a Jumper can be easier than negotiating your love life

Nonnie, Nonnie, Nonnie,

Does there have to be a reason to get in touch?  After all we meant to each other?  Come on, surely I don’t need an excuse to contact my favourite girl. Because you are you know, Still my favourite girl.

However its fair to say that being in Prague sends me right back to the time we were seconded there and our wonderful tram rides up to the castle. That is why I have appreciated the updates on our fellow friends and confidantes from that time. Nothing really changes does it? Although it’s fair to say that Esther didn’t age as well as I had hoped she would and she does drag that knitting bag with her everywhere.  Why only last week we took shelter from the rain ( I had never seen such rain in Prague) in a local book shop there and whilst I was looking for books on the evils of communism, she pulled up a stool and started knitting.  I know it was her way of telling me not to hurry but it was rather embarrassing.  Especially when she started greeting other customers and showing them what she had done, Hmmmmm

Yes, I was surprised at the ageing process and although she is American by proxy, I did think that being of Asian descent she would still look about 25 when she was indeed romping up to seventy.  Oh well…..

BTW. Do you think she has a rather wild look in her eye?  I have to admit it is getting me worried especially when she is chopping up the chickens before she boils them for dinner. I worry what she will do with that knife one day.  I must try to keep the sharper ones locked up. Quite often she speaks to me in Cantonese which as you know I never bothered to learn. Her english was always so good. I am eating a lot of rice Nonnie. A lot of rice and it doesn’t do my digestive system any good. Not at all……

Anyway you asked why I got in touch but its fair to say I have always been in touch.  I still send flowers on your birthday and leave you little welcome notes in the bedroom when I think you will be arriving back to our homestead in Kenya.  God how I love and always will love that place. I give Martin strict instructions not to touch them so do tell me that you did indeed read them? I haven’t been able to visit there recently. Most sad!

Esther had been very patient waiting for my investments to come in but after all this time I think its fair to say that it wont be happening anytime soon. My run of luck doesn’t seem to be happening quite yet and luckily ( or not) Esther seems to have forgotten all about it. However, Esther being Esther set about making some money in the interim and took in quite a bit of washing and repair work.  I have to say she was always nifty with a needle, although I don’t like the idea of her knitting all the time when we are out and about in the City because she makes us look rather down on our luck.    I bet you are smirking…….

Yes so I wondered if you would consider selling some of these apartments and homes that you seem to have acquired over the years courtesy of your many marriage settlements and maybe consider it as a additional divorce settlement to me.  Yes I know that you usually keep the houses and the jewels but lets face it although you didnt get a lot from me regarding finance, you have to admit that I was pretty hot between the sheets.    I admit that my head was turned by Esther when she showed me things that I hadn’t read or even understood could happen after lights out and it’s fair to say she turned my head at the time when I was young and stupid. But now, but now,,,,,

However that was a long time ago dearest Nonnie and time sadly moves us towards elasticated waists and comfortable shoes. Time is cruel

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