Roger and the Atlas Mountains

Dear H

Just been looking at an old picture of Roger. Handsome devil. I feel I have hit a time warp and been sucked back into a vortex of lifetimes ago

One I thought I had securely ejected myself from and moved on. Sadly, it now appears I was deluded

Let me straighten the fairy tale before we proceed. You say you only had one option and that was to marry her. F F S. You were already married to me and unless I am very much mistaken still married to me. Why didn’t you let Roger take one for the team and marry her if that was what was needed to get her out of the country. I appreciate he is, or was, a bit “ light in the loafers” but if all she needed was an exit visa then surely he could have obliged. Saying that it was rather sad his Tiger Moth went down but I guess many explorer would love to breathe their last heading straight into a rock face of the Atlas Mountains

Yes I know I ended up marrying The sheik but let’s be fair, I was his fifth wife and so it hardly merits a Court Notice. In fact he went on to have another two after me but that was only because I spent too much time training the Lipizzaner
He used to complain I smelt of cob nuts when I came to bed

The dreadful crime of which you speak of was hardly that. Come on…..
Anyway you always seemed rather nervous between the sheets. Is the American a missionary style girl? I am taking a guess that she probably is

The Bubbling Well Road is still very busy and still loaded with potholes

So ,back to the plot. What the flick do you want after all this time?

Yours, slightly squiffy

and one more thing….

PS I think I have just seen Daphne over at the Colonial Club playing Canasta with an Oriental Gentleman wearing a very louche waistcoat and sporting a pigtail. Quite divine. I’m am sure she spotted me and held the cards up to cover her face. I shall investigate further tomorrow. I have often heard that Orientals are rather fascinating after ” lights out!”

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